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About our Boutique Hotel


The Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel is a place for adults to enjoy an island getaway in an impeccibly clean and comfortable environment.  It began as a bed and breakfast in 2004. There were only 4 rooms and a home cooked breakfast served daily.  Listening to the many guests, the theme we heard over and over was that they wanted to play and enjoy all that Put-in-Bay has to offer, but at the end of the day, they wanted to ‘go home.’  Home was often described as clean, quiet, tranquil and had all the ‘amenities’ that they have at home now.

We started to realize that there was a much-needed niche for a separate, unique and quiet hotel.  We didn’t want it to be just any hotel; and we were not interested in being a ‘traditional’ island hotel.  We wanted to have all the qualities of the original Anchor Inn.  It still had to be a clean, luxury-focused, quiet and comfortable place.  But we also knew we wanted something that wasn’t a mainstream hotel, and that was the beginning of the idea of a boutique hotel.

A boutique hotel is typically a one-of-a-kind hotel that is small and intimate, with non-traditional design, rooms, and presentation.  It has the independence of a bed and breakfast, but may be eccentric; often with a sense of humor.  This is the description of the Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel.

You won’t find a party hotel at this location.  There are no crowds here, no loud music, no slamming doors, and no noisy hallways.  We pride ourselves on providing a quiet and secure location without the party – the kind of place (like home) that you go to enjoy a nap, a good book, the company of friends, drinks on the patio and the beauty of an island sunset.

Our casually elegant rooms are the sweet spot of the hotel.  Each guest room or suite has been thoughtfully designed with handpicked elements and furnishings, a touch of whimsy and all the comforts of home – clean, quiet, tranquil and all the amenities you could want. 



Emily and Paul were both born and raised in Ohio and met when they were working in the Washington DC area.  After many years on the East Coast, they moved back to Northern Ohio in 2020 to be closer to their families. 

Emily has spent her career in environmental advocacy and most recently works in sustainability and diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Paul recently retired from a thirty year career in higher education administration. 

Paul has been coming to the island for many years and Emily spent her summers at the lake when she was growing up; but they first traveled to the island together in 2021 and stayed at the Anchor Inn.  They met Joey and Bill, the original owners, and during a quiet afternoon conversation listened to their story of taking the inn from a small bed and breakfast to a luxury boutique hotel.  They fell in love! They talked about the inn and island life the whole way home.  About a month after their visit, Emily asked Paul “Are you still thinking about the Anchor Inn as much as I am?”  He said “yes!”  They came back up before the end of the season and worked towards the goal of joining the Put-in-Bay community.  They took the helm in 2023 and completed their first season this past fall.  Their focus is to maintain the same level of comfort and luxury you've come to expect and add their own touches.  Offering chef-prepared breakfasts that have gained a reputation as one of the best breakfasts one the island, you can have traditional fare as well as specials from around the world.  Adding high-end ammenities like Nespresso coffee machines in each room and unique sweets placed in your rooms during the nightly turndown service, you will feel pampered from arrival to departure.

Welcome to the Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel.

Image of Emily and Paul Easterling